About Us

CV. Sinar Jaya Prima (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

CV. SINAR JAYA PRIMA is a company engaged in the sale of Copper Pipes, AC Pipes, Copper Fittings, AC Freon, Brackets, Pipe Insulation, Compressor Oil, Copper / Silver Welding Wires, AC Copper Pipes, Medical Copper Pipes and other AC spare parts.

The products supplied are the best products that meet ASTM international standards and can be accounted for in terms of quality and price. Supported by marketing personnel who are aggressive, friendly, disciplined and with integrity.

CV. Sinar Jaya Prima is committed to developing long-term relationships with customers by providing the best prices, excellent service, fast and satisfying delivery.

Our vision and mission :
 Providing high-quality products at competitive prices so that customers satisfied.
 We are committed to providing the best service and satisfactory service to our customers.
 We will try to provide responses and fast and accurate service to customers.
 And fast delivery max 1 x 24 hours.


Komplek Pertokoan Pengampon Square Blok E-17, JL. Semut Baru, Surabaya 60161
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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