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Pipa Tembaga Roll 1/4" panjang 15 meter
Pipa Tembaga Roll 1/4" panjang 15 meter
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09 Mar 2020
1 roll

Specification of

This 1/4 "copper pipe Roll Gever includes annealed copper pipe, this type of pipe is a copper pipe that is widely used for ac pipe installation, specifically for split type air conditioning pipes, the advantages of this annealed type pipe are very easy to use. indentation, to connect the copper pipe can be by means of a press and weld frale, but is recommended better by means of flaring.

Copper Pipe Roll 1/4 "Gever is very suitable for AC pipe installation systems both in homes, shops, offices, schools, apartments, hotels and others. Copper Pipe Roll Gever with a size of 1/4 has a thickness of 0.76mm with a length of 1 roll 15 meters.


  • Pipe set size 1/4
  • 15 meters long / roll

Price of AC Gever Pipe 1/4 "15 meters long: CALL

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