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Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch
Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch
Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch
Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch
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Sell Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch

Specification of Copper Pipe Tube 1 inch

Copper Pipe 7/8 inch, is a copper pipe in the form of a tube / bar with a length of 5.8 meters. Usually many are used for several needs, as follows:

  1. Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (Air Conditioning and Refrigerator Refrigeration)
  2. Plumbing Installation. (hot water and cold water)
  3. Medical Gas and Vacuum (CO2-Nitrogen-Oxigen Gas flow, in hospitals)
  4. Fire sprinklers
  5. Industrial material

The copper pipes we provide are copper pipes with Standard:

  1. ASTM B280: for Aircondition and Refrigeration. It is suitable for VRV systems that use R410 and R32 freons which have very high pressure levels.
  2. ASTM B819: for medical gas installations
  3. ASTM B88: for water and medical gas applications.
  4. US 1571: Australian standard, for application of aircondition and refrigeration

We provide various sizes of copper pipes, distributors for installation needs of project, retail, shop and others. Price and Quality are the main parts of all the products we sell. Contact our team immediately and get special prices for copper rod pipes.

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