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Refrigerant R410A Iceloong
Refrigerant R410A Iceloong
Refrigerant R410A Iceloong
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Sell Refrigerant R410A Iceloong

Specification of Refrigerant R410A Iceloong

Specifications of FREON R410A Iceloong
The Freon R410A Iceloong has a higher cooling capacity and significantly higher pressure than the R-22 and must be used only in systems specifically designed for the R-410A.

Type: R410
Net Weight: 11.3 kg

Freon or R410A Refrigerant is a substance that is easily changed its appearance from gas to liquid or vice versa. And the Freon can take heat from the evaporator and dump it into the condenser. Currently there are so many Freon Freon, but none of these Freon can be used for all purposes because we need to cool at several different temperature levels, so Freon can only be said to be appropriate and appropriate for a purpose.

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