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Freon R404 deGreiner
Freon R404 deGreiner
Freon R404 deGreiner
Freon R404 deGreiner
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Specification of Freon R404 deGreiner

Freon R404 Degreiner

Freon type R404a is included in one of the most popular types of refrigerant. Since 10 to 15 years, R404a has been the most popular or most widely used freon / refrigerant part. Freon type r404a was introduced from 1990 to replace ozone depleting refrigerants in CFCs such as R12 and R502, and is now a replacement for HCFCs such as R22. R404A Refrigerant Gas

Freon type 404a continues to lead the way to become the HFC refrigerant standard in the global industry for new commercial refrigeration applications. R404a (HP62) provides exceptional capacity and efficiency in lieu of R502 and R22 in cooling applications for use in the most superior compressors and equipment throughout the world.

R404a deGreiner is suitable to be formulated with R502 properties, making it useful for various media applications and low temperature cooling. The R-404A has been approved by many manufacturers of compressors and cooling systems for use in new refrigeration equipment such as food displays and storage, cold storage rooms, ice machines, transportation, and cooling processes.

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