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Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)
Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)
Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)
Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)
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Sell Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)

Specification of Freon R32 deGreiner (3 kg)

Freon R32 deGreiner 3 kg. Refrigerant AC Compressor. R32 Cooling Gas Is Generally Used For Home Air Conditioning, Water Chiller And Water Chiller For Office Buildings

Freon R32 deGreiner is a substitute for Freon R22, because it has better quality, more environmentally friendly and free of ozone damage. Below are explained some of the advantages of R32 type freon.

Following are the advantages of Freon R32:

  1. Freon R32 is more environmentally friendly than R410A even because it has a lower GWP than R22 and R410A
  2. The Freon R32 has a cooler index number that is MUCH HIGHER even from R22, so there will be no more complaints that using an AC Inverter is not cooler.
  3. Freon R32 does have a higher flammability potential than R22 and R410A but don't be afraid because it can't make the AC explode even when your house is on fire.

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