CV. Sinar Jaya Prima

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CV. Sinar Jaya Prima (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

Was established in Surabaya on the date. 11 November 2005 is an importer company specialized in providing and distributing material conditioning, medical gas, particularly copper pipe and fittingly.
We distribute high-quality products so that what we provide is always in accordance with international standards.
The aim of marketing our product is the building projects, such as hotel2, Hospital, Office Building, Mall / Trade Center, the University, Apartment Building, Factory and many more.

Our vision and mission :
 Providing high-quality products at competitive prices so that customers satisfied.
 We are committed to providing the best service and satisfactory service to our customers.
 We will try to provide responses and fast and accurate service to customers.
 And fast delivery max 1 x 24 hours.


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